At Endlas, we strive to put the right material only where it needs to be. Our team of dedicated laser cladding experts and tooling specialists will help you save overhead costs by extending the lifetime and durability of your equipment and components. Endlas' coatings decrease maintenance burdens and diminish energy loss from friction, wear, and corrosion, while our manufacturing approach ensures your products are available to you when you need them.

Laser Cladding

Using lasers and advanced metal alloys we apply thick resilient coatings on metal parts to make them much better. 

Metallurgical Analysis

Ranging from powder metallurgy through wear forensics and failure analyses.

Laser Processing

Extremely precise laser heat treatment and material thermal processing.

Technology Transition

Endlas has the ability to licence our internationally patented technologies and has systems developed to rapidly scale to our customers needs. 


In-house CNC machining capabilities for rapid deployment.

Engineering Consultation

Turn visions into realities with our experienced team deploying simulations, metallurgical forensics, and drafting to accelerate project needs.


Every mechanical component experiences wear and eventually needs to be replaced. Our innovative 3D wear metrology technology allows us to pinpoint our laser cladding coatings to where they are need most. This approach is greener and more economic as less material is required. Combining our service ready production pricing and significant improvements to part and component life will lower your manufacturing overhead costs.

Our streamlined manufacturing process makes sure you get your parts in a time frame which minimizes your downtime. Our years in the laser cladding industry have given us reliable and consistent equipment technology transition experience to help you utilize our coatings to it's maximum potential.

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