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About US

Our Mission

The Endlas team is built on materials and metallurgical expertise. Our company's commitment to quality starts from the first conversation. Every employee is responsible for upholding the highest standards of quality and responsibility for every part leaving our facility. We support our efficiency goals with in-house processes and strategic partnerships that bolster our cladding, finishing and R&D work.



When South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSM&T) grads James Tomich, Brett Trotter, and Josh Hammell decided to start a business, they didn't want to lay down roots anywhere but Rapid City, SD. As research scientists at the university, they helped launch laser cladding manufacturing facilities in Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin, but quickly realized they were losing their technology to outside states. In 2016, Endlas LC was formed.
Endlas has since expanded its membership to include Lee & Stephanie Trotter, Andy & Roxanne Tomich, and Nathan Trotter.


About Endlas LC

Endlas LC is a member-managed Limited Liability Company located in the Black Hills of western South Dakota. 
Endlas specializes in laser cladding with a wide breadth of materials, including nickel, cobalt, and iron based superalloys, metal-matrix-composites, and custom made alloys. Endlas operates in Rapid City, SD and offers advanced laser cladding, advanced machining, and metrology services.

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