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Industrial Applications

Endlas LC helps a wide variety of industries protect, repair and restore their valuable equipment. Laser cladding, also know as laser directed energy deposition, provides solutions for equipment that must withstand the harshest environments. Our innovative technology works across multiple industries to extend equipment life, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and improve productivity – which all improve our customers' bottom line. Laser clad coatings by Endlas can provide endless solutions for equipment and technologies enduring the most extreme conditions.

Image by Julian Hochgesang


Our coatings can be applied to a wide variety of automotive parts ranging from engines to drivetrain components, which can improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Image by Aler Kiv

Tool and Die

A variety of wear resistant coatings can be applied to suit your application needs. Our coatings can be used to extend component life and/or for material restoration purposes. These coatings typically increase tool & die life by 2.5x-10x (in hot/warm forging application). 

Image by Shane McLendon


Harfacing mining equipment can improve the lifetime of your parts and components, which results in shorter downtime and improved production. Our advanced coating technologies reduce fuel and oil consumption while preventing wear and corrosion.

oil tanks

Oil & Gas


Our innovative coatings extend service life. We offer monolithic and composite coatings that are tailored for various corrosive environments. For example, Endlas repairs plunger lift tools for improved sustainability of production tools. 

Image by Martin Adams

Chemical Processing

Our protective coating solutions for the chemical processing industry help ensure equipment and systems run safely and efficiently.

Image by Alexander Popov

Power Generation

You can rely on our high-performance, innovative coatings for efficient operations of fossil-fired, nuclear, and renewable power generation that permit higher temperatures, boost efficiency, and extend component service life.

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Other Industries

With our broad range of products and services, we offer valued-added surface technologies that protect, reduce cost, and increase the efficiency of components used by many industries.

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