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Products and Services

A blend of lasers, metallurgy, motion & value brings improved metal products.

Midstream - Full Product - Repair

Endlas LC Laser Cladding

- Precise heat and material delivery 

- Fully dense clad layers (0.01 - 0.1 inch per layer)  

- Precision 6+ axis application (+- 0.002 layers on 3D surfaces) 

- Metallurgic bond & process control 

- Complex internal and external surfaces 

- Crack-free metal-matrix-composites

- Volume production

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Production ID & OD Cladding w/ Thermal Control

Increased Component Life 

Up to 10x Improvements

Production Hardened Next Generation Equipment

Exotic Materials, Glass, Metals & Ceramics


What sets us apart:

Endlas brings decades of laser cladding expertise utilizing cutting-edge techniques to fulfill the toughest engineering and surfacing challenges. Our custom laser cladding equipment creates the purest high-performance coatings achievable. No other welding process comes close to the quality Endlas laser cladding offers.


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Some key features of our cladding approach:


We employ the following techniques:  

  • Thermo Mechanical System Analysis

  • Geometry Dependent Effects

  • Automated Metallurgical Process Control

  • In-Situ Pyrometer Controlled Induction Heating

  • Time/Location Dependent Motion & Clad Control

  • Automated Data Logging

Our Services

Laser Cladding

A harder, tougher, or otherwise superior material is added to the surface of a base metal for improved performance and extended service life. Our patented laser cladding techniques are well adapted for near-net-shape manufacturing, giving us the capability to coat geometries not previously thought possible, ex. internal diameters.

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Laser Processing

Lasers offer significant benefits for a variety of material thermal processing applications. Laser energy used for processing different materials is preferred due to highly controllable and rapid radiant heating.

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Metallurgical Analysis

Metallurgical analysis is used to detect internal or surface flaws to ensure parts conform to specification. Knowing how and why a part fails helps prevent future failures.

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Machining and Manufacturing Services

Endlas LC offers machining and manufacturing services through a combination of our in-house CNC machining capabilities and our state-of-the-art laser cladding system. Our one stop shop is capable of manufacturing and coating your components to reduce turnaround time.

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Engineering Consulting

Endlas is able to define, deploy, and refine a solution to your engineering problems through our attention to detail and innovation. We will develop your ideas into production ready schematics and drawings, and evolve your component into long term production.


Technology Transition and Consulting

Want to reap the benefits of laser clad coatings, but don't know where to start? Our engineering experts will take an in depth look at your process to determine the best solutions to your problems.

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