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Plunger Lift Repair

Turn your scrapped plunger lifts into savings and increased performance with Endlas LC’s full-service plunger lift repairs.

Using advanced manufacturing the old surface is removed and an extreme performance vanadium carbide refined steel alloy is applied. The laser fused overlay provides high quality metallurgical bonding, assuring resistance to chipping from the consistent hammering plunger lifts endure.

By rejuvenating old worn-out plungers Endlas brings our customers performance gains with a 4x more wear resistant surface. This is how we do it:

·Plungers are turned to a uniform diameter with CNC machining.

·Surface is cleaned & prepared for Laser Cladding.

·A thick Laser Clad coating is applied with a 6-axis robot.

·CNC hard turning produces smooth, like-new geometry.

·Parts are returned to service & survive longer than the original.

Starting around $160 for 12” rifled plunger lift repairs.

          E-mail for a quote or more information.   

  • Spend Less on Plungers

  • Stabilize Production Rates

  • Decrease Operating Costs

  • Advanced US Manufacturing

Plunger Machining.jpg
CNC hard turning of the high-performance coating provides smooth like-new transitions and edges, assuring expected flow dynamics
plunger cladding.jpg
3 plungersteps.png
Endlas Laser Cladding of a plunger lift; powder metal alloy is blown into a focused high-power laser under inert gas.
  • Full-Service Repair

  • Better than New

  • >2X Service Life

  • Extreme Toughness

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